June 27, 2005

I’m not too happy with how the links work on the site. I’d like to post each one as they happen and not as a daily script I have to manually set. For a long time, I had a sideblog/linkblog/etc/whatever running off of it’s own Movable Type blog. When I moved to WordPress, I lost that ability. I’m almost of the mindset to not have those links displayed how they are currently and go back to a sideblog-type layout. Not sure if I want to use one single Movable Type weblog or even a Blogger account for something like this. I know WordPress has this ability, but I don’t have the time for some serious Kung-PHP-Foo to get it working.

So, I might actually setup that third column to be a sideblog instead of the large ads…


I tried setting up a simple blog on Blogger, but what they don’t tell you is that you can remove all of the styling and format a blank page in blogger tags, but they’ll still add DIVs and other stuff to your code. So I’m going to try just a Movable Type blog for what I want to do. Unfortunately, I still remember way more about Movable Type than I’ve ever learned about WordPress. However, I’m not moving anywhere.

even later

I even thought about coding my own little linkblog system, I have some sample php code and mysql backend that I had tinkered with when I had a little more time on my hands. But if I’m gonna do something like that, why not just have WordPress do it? I just want a title, url, pithy commentary and via fields, nothing more or less. No comments, no trackbacks or pings or archives or whatever. Just something simple. I might still do it, but that will take more time that I’d like.

much later

I tried a few WordPress ways of doing this and failed, so I used a Movable Type blog and had it working in 10 minutes. Much less work and less bullshit. aarg. I’m beginning to think that WordPress isn’t ready for what I’d like to throw at it.


SO anyways……The new linkblog….aka the LinkBloggy-Blog, is on the far right of the page. The rss/atom feeds are in place at the main lbb page{.liinternal} and will be rolled more into the site.