The Day (22 Years) After

July 1, 2005

I’m sitting here watching the early 80’s view of a possible nuclear war, 1983’s “The Day After “. The one thing that strikes me is how dated this movie is now. I remember leading up to the original showing of this TV movie, they kept saying that kids shouldn’t watch….so I wound up being sent back to another room while it was going on…only to have my mother, later say that “it was really nothing”. That was probably the first time I knew that hype was real and it’s not something we need to buy into.

Ok back to how dated this movie is. Right before everything launched, people were panicking and were in lines at pay phones. Yes, pay phones. If this were real, now, everyone would be driving like bats from hell and talking on cell phones. That’s how far we’ve progressed, from waiting in lines on phones in times of crisis, to flipping people off while talking on cell phones.

Granted this was only really for TV and in the early 80’s, so the graphics aren’t bad. Lost of psychedelic animated nuclear scenes, stock footage from the 50’s, but nothing too horrifying…lots of bad makeup jobs, though.

I’m also thinking that there sure weren’t a lot of people hurt, because all of the doctors in the hospital are all worried about electricity and meeting with Jason Robards about planning instead of taking care of nuclear exposed patients.

It’s funny how no less than 6 years later, the Soviet nuclear threat (as we knew it), was gone. It seems much simpler then. Back then, we only dealt with a Soviet nuclear threat. Now we have India and Pakistan, N. Korea, China, Iran, Iraq and a bunch of the former Soviet republics all with nuclear capabilities. Not to mention our own force changes with a highly unpopular war and a highly unpopular President, we’re worried about a hell of a lot more than we worried about in ’83.