Live 8 A Week Late

July 9, 2005

Ok, watching the Live8 stuff on MTV and the sound of the concerts in Philly is absolutely horrible. The London gig sounds great. But Linkin Park had some horribly shitty sound so did Rob Thomas and Stevie Wonder. I know this is really gonna offend one of my friends, but I don’t see what the big deal is about Rob Thomas.

Seeing Pink Floyd, complete with one of my musical heros Roger Waters, was a complete joy. They played the parts and everything sounded great. The sound in London was very wonderful. Then again, it sounds like they got the better group of artists anyway. Seeing Pink Floyd made me also realize how much different music is now and made me really want to make sure that my band keeps on our course to brink that stuff back.

Seeing Madonna was almost like seeing someone’s mom acting like a 20-something. Nothing against Madge, she put on a great performance, but you just don’t see 40-somethings putting on that type of performance anymore. They’re just phoning it in and that’s where she stands out.

It was just so nice seeing actual music again on TV. Something this massive, involving as many acts, is just not see anymore and I wish I could have made it to the concerts.