On Podcasts

July 9, 2005

While I’ve toyed with the idea of having a podcast and even have a few little posts up, I’m almost of the idea that more people have podcasts that those who listen to them. But there is one little thing that’s making this more interesting…

Over the past week, I’ve heard the word “podcast” mentioned in regular conversation almost daily. Either someone is asking if I listen to them or if I’m updating mine (some people at work know about me blogging) or telling me about how they’re setting one up. I’ve been poo-pooing the idea that podcasting will be growing faster than blogging, but this week has made me change my mind about that.

Let me back up.

Many years went by, from the time I started blogging to I heard someone actually mention it in conversation or in general talk….I think it happened this year in all honesty. No one told me if they blogged or if they read any. So I usually don’t talk about blogging to someone if they don’t mention it. But it’s just amazing to actually hear your big boss mention something about checking blogs to get info on something. I’ve never had anyone at a job say that. Not even when I was pitching the idea to have blogging doctors at Erlanger, I was always met with empty looks.So to hear podcasting mentioned multiple times within one week, I highly contribute that to iTunes.

It’s still fascinating to hear someone 20 years older than you and not a blogger, mention podcasting over coffee. I talked about this at BlogNashville, but podcasting is just the evolution of talk radio and public access television. Blogs came from that, but now we get a chance to hear this person and connect much better than we can through type. Everyone gets their 15 minutes and it will be podcasting to provide this ability.