Talking Points

July 13, 2005

Just a few thoughts on the premise behind “Supersize Me”

Sure you’re going to get sick from eating McD’s for 30 days. It’s called “Fast Food” and not “Healthy Food”. It’s more of a dumbing down of what people actually do. I dare say that the people who eat fast food for sustenance are in a tiny minority. Do I eat a burger each time I have fast food? No. Do I eat salads each time? No. Variety is the spice of life, me amigo, veggies are good. He wasn’t pushing a general view just his own agenda but unfortunately people take movies like this as manna instead of entertainment.

Obesity is a problem, but why not look at the cola companies or even snack foods as the cause in addition to fast food….in addition, why not talk to parents to see why they allow this in their home? It’s called personal responsibility….instead of blaming marketing. Why not say “ok, that’s bad for me and I know it’s bad for me”? It’s called will power. If you get sick from eating hamburgers daily, back away and change your lifestyle.

As more of these “documentaries” come out, I’m starting to believe that if cavemen had the ability to create a film, some jackass would create “Fire, Bad” with the plot line being Zog and how using fire for reading cave drawings caused him to become nearsighted.