The "I"m Sorry for" Post

July 20, 2005

Sorry for the lack of posting and delays in approving comments (sorry Ian). Things are jumpin’ around the ranch and I’ve severely dropped the ball on the blog and e-mails (sorry Al and J, I’ll respond soon). I have two posts that I’m been taking days to write….and that’s so unlike me.

This all counters with work kicking my butt and my PC at home dying. But it’s all getting better. I still like my job, you work your butt off and maybe work some long ass hours, but the people are good and the work is highly satisfying at the end of the day.

My work on EvD’s Oblogation , has me really wanting to do more on the design end. We just found out that a design I did for work, is now the example page that the company, who’s site we use, shows off when they talk about extending the design…..nevermind that we literally had to hack the site and hide their bad design (with css, no-less). We’ve done this for months and now they want to know how we did it. I’m sorry, but I consider that a complement. So those two things have me going back through my portfolio and wanting to be creative again. Although, I just turned down a web job, mainly due to lack of time.

I also did some work for a new high school that’s opening up around here. We gave a bunch of Macs and various other accessories to a class on design. Not a bad little setup and it was quite gratifying to help young creatives get their feet wet on OS X instead of those Dells that so many systems insist on using.

So that’s just a quick brief of where I am currently. I’ll be back soon…..