August 1, 2005

Yesterday, we sat in the hot soon-to-be August sun and watched a nephew play his ass off in a baseball tournament. As they were whoopin’ the collective butt of the opposing team, who drove up a few hours to be beat 19-2, we were sitting there watching the opposing coaches yelling at their players.

Yelling about running, when the kid has already been tagged out and stopped by the 1st baseman. Yelling about tagging kids who are securely on bases and yelling about crap about his 2nd baseman caused…..the kid got ran over, because he was standing in the baseline. (actually it was my nephew who flipped the kid). Not to talk badly of the kids on the opposing team, they probably had more fun playing for the sake of playing…like my nephew’s team. Not being yelled at by some parents who literally needed to sit down, take a few breaths and realize the kids are kids.I did get yelled at on the field, by my Grandfather. Mainly because we were doing stupid stuff. Not even approaching the non-events kids were being held accountable for yesterday.

I think parents like that do a dis-service to their kids, because aside from having fun, games are there to teach sportsmanship as well as teaching that sometimes no matter how hard you try, sometimes the other team wins. Sure it sucks to lose, but sometimes that happens and learning to dust yourself off and try try again is how you build strength and character. But yelling at a kid, over stupid shit, is tantamount to making sure that kid feels like no matter what he/she does, it’s never good enough.