August 8, 2005

While I’m waiting on a DVD to finish burning, I thought I’d kinda put a “state of what’s going on” type of post up.

1.) We finally have a nice DVD duplicator in the house…attached to a Windows box. I’m sorry to all of my Mac friends out there, but I’ve had two very nice Powerbooks with two very nice superdrives and have yet to successfully duplicate a DVD. My Windows box does this without effort.

2.) In relation to #1, Netflix is cool.

3.) Our Compaq iPaq (the 4th Compaq I’ve personally owned), died…well kinda. It’s suffering with being underpowered with a failing hard disk. So I’ve replaced it with a hoss of P3 850mhz glory in a giant black case. I don’t need anything fancy at home, but it more than does the job. The iPaq is in the middle of being stripped down to bare metal, literally, and maybe made into a wireless server I can hide in my closet.

4.) I wound up going into work on my sick day. We had a server who could not see another server on one of our Windows domains. Luckily I remembered some old school lmhost-foo to fix that up. While I might not know Windows 2003 Server, I can make up for that with my DOS and ancient Windows networking chi.

5.) I also went into work Saturday. Everyone, (the artists) minus their IT dude…me, had been working all month without a Saturday off, so I felt like shit and went in to support their needs. Wound up having to break into a remote office to retrieve a backup tape for a job due on Monday. It’s so much easier to actually be in the office for this type of stuff, than having to have someone e-mail or call you, waking you up, to suggest this type of work.

6.) The past few times, I’ve taken someone to a restaurant in downtown Chattanooga, the service has just honestly sucked. Had the Tortilla Factory give me the wrong time during my time there, finally I just said, “forget it, I’m not eating nor am I paying for this bill”. So the management agreed and just asked that my party pay for drinks. Then Friday night at the Mellow Mushroom, the wait and service sucked royally. What killed me, is that MM is one of my favorite places to eat and I’ve now put it on my shit list. So I’ll stay away for about a year.

7.) The band is chugging along, finishing up arranging the final four songs in our original collection before we start trying to record. Right now, we could care less about performing live. We just want our music out there.