Fire Chief, aka, My Job in IT

August 18, 2005

My programmer and I worked until midnight last night to get our main workflow system functioning again. Then got back up at 6:30 to come into work.

I guess this, IT, is the type of life that a lot of people might not understand. Putting in more than the 8-5 type of hours, on salary, just to make the system work isn’t for everyone. Nor do some in this field understand that people depend on these systems and you “gotta do what ya gotta do” to get these (at times temperable) systems working by the time people come into work. Especially when you work in a highly deadline-driven industry such as the printing industry or a 24/7 environment like healthcare, you have to have the right mind-set.

I’m not the typical “Jolt Cola” geek, I just go in to make a system work and try to make it the best system for my customers. I fuck up, but you better believe that it’s not for lack of trying. Somedays you just sit back and just wish that you could have one of those BOFH-type of moments, when someone comes into your office for the 15th fucking time to say that something very trivial isn’t working….all while you’re in a server (or 2) remotely trying to keep it alive. Priorities in this world are : now, now and now. Doesn’t matter if it’s a down server or someone’s icon not showing up properly. You’re dealing with very serious matters and very trivial matters at the same time…and they’re all important.

So long hours, very busy days, and a very deeply thinking admin is something that I’ve been going through. I’m not working till Midnight on most evenings, but working late, remoting in, etc. It all drains you from time to time. It’s not for everyone, and I times I don’t know if it’s for me, but it’s a good feeling to work that hard on something knowing that now it’s working and now you can move on to the next task.