Us and U.S.

September 10, 2005

In reading all of this Katrina coverage, I’m slowly sinking in a despair that we’ve let these people down. Not really “us” but “u.s.”. In short, it’s not gonna be the government who will make things better, it will be the good and kind people in this country who can transcend any racist, cruel, etc attitude of people in power.

The events that are still transpiring would make other countries break into civil war. When you treat a poor, homeless group of your fellow citizens poorly and take away everything and treat them like a burden, then those who’ll pick up spades and sticks will fight. President Bush isn’t gonna be the uniter for this country. Our various branches of government won’t either. It will be up to everyone to push aside this bullshit and rebuild.

“how can I help?”

I’m trying to figure out a time to head down to that area to volunteer. I don’t like being up here knowing that people need as much help as they can get. Any bloggers want to pool some resources together to give our time and muscles to these people? Also, this Christmas, I’m not buying gifts for anyone but I am using that money for relief efforts.

That’s enough of my soap box, please feel free to comment….