September 23, 2005

The slowdown on the site has been due to a few things going on in the analog world….well not all in analog, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Analog world first. That bout with sinusitis knocked me down for almost a week. Bad bad bad. Before that though, we had to deal with massive time going toward work. Going toward feeling bad and then having to work about 10 hours. Crap. Then on top of that, we’re dealing with the IRS. Crap Crap. So that, in and of it’s self, is enough to just drain someone beyond repair. We’re talking borderline breakdown/burnout here. Because of that, I just haven’t felt like writing.

Now the digital world. The LinkBloggy-Blog gets a majority of my attention now. I like writing there. Probably more than I’ve liked in the past. Writing here, I haven’t enjoyed in a while. Not to say that I’m stopping, but going through an evolution.

I have decided that for the most part, this part of the site has ran it’s course. I’ve also decided that I want to evolve/mutate what blogging I do into another site that will supersede this site and the LinkBloggy-Blog portion. That site is setup, minus the design…which is in my head. The only thing that’s kept me back, has been the long hours and projects that deserve more time. I’ll keep posting here and mainly on the LinkBloggy-Blog, but eventually I’ll announce the new site….hopefully before the end of October.

The new site will in a format similar to Links, a couple of droll comments and/or a little commentary. Nice and simple and something I can update quicker on the road or when I have some more spare time.