turkey sandwich double shift

September 28, 2005

10-ish p.m.

i’m sitting here, pushing 15-16 hours at work, because a (now) massive fucking company can’t do proper testing to ensure that over half of my fucking computers will be able to reach their software. This wouldn’t be too big, but the last update we ran, caused a huge problem with automation and they had to fly people in to fix the damn thing.

I wonder if I should ask if we’re being compensated as a beta site, because we tend to trip across those bugs that no one else would. Heck, my guys haven’t even started hammering the system yet.

Granted the dude helping me via email and tele, has been nothing but great for what he’s doing. He’s really one of the the really good techs they have at *** where they have some of the best support, aside from companies like Apple. Just wish their product development geeks would put more eyeballs onto their code.


Yep, still here. My Canadian help has transferred the baton to the Australian desk so I’m awaiting their call. Had to trackdown a spoon to eat some peanut butter that I stash in the desk. Not my finest moment, but I’m po and had enough for a Diet Coke and nothing else. Note to self : stash more bread and chips here.

I’m tired, but I figure that Diet Coke and the sugar that’s in my natural peanut butter might help me stay awake. The iTunes jam going on is just making me flashback to my time on 2nd shift in the mid to late 90’s.


I figure I’ll give these guys till oh-1:30 before I call it a night. Granted, this has to be working before the mornin’ comes, so at worst I’ll have to roll back to an earlier version. Wait a minute! That’s really gonna suck.

I don’t see that I’ll be able to come in late, regardless of the outcome. I’d like to say I’d be in at noon, but more than likely it will be about 9 a.m.


I was on the phone for around an hour with a very knowledgeable Australian chap who’s name I can’t recall (ed note : minutes later…it’s steve). He found some issues with files not being where they should, or something like that…as it’s late, I’ve been at work since around 8:10 a.m. and things are starting to blur together. We’re talking a break from the phones for now, mainly to give our ears and bladders a rest.

I’m in this for the long haul now, mainly waiting to see what we can come up with before we even think about going home for the evening. Hopefully we can get it back up and running before the Aussie goes home and forwards me to the Belgium desk. I guess I’m giving it till oh-3:30 now….


Ok, the Aussie fixed my problems, or a nice working majority of them. So I’m going to drive home and sleep now…..