Unions call for video iPod talks

October 17, 2005

[BBC NEWS Unions call for video iPod talks](http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/tv_and_radio/4348816.stm “BBC NEWS Entertainment TV and Radio Unions call for video iPod talks”)

Unions representing Hollywood actors, writers and directors have called for talks over the use of TV shows on Apple’s new video iPod.

And of course, money is heavily involved. Probably not so much for the actors, but keeping their studios and unions as money-grubbing as possible…

“We look forward to a dialogue that ensures that our members are properly compensated,” said the union statement.

I can see that this will be the Sony Watchman , that Sony wished they had. I told my wife about the new video iPod, and all she said was “I’d get nothing done”. See for her this is ideal. She can sit during her breaks and watch a TV show she might have missed…considering that “Desperate Housewives” is her fav. more than likely she and the other hairdressers would be watching these like some listen to MP3s.

What would kill this, would be to overtax this to where it wouldn’t be profitable or where the average person wouldn’t want to pay $6 per episode. That $1.99 is a good price point, Hollywood would kill that.