She's gone.

October 27, 2005

Through Dave Winer , I heard about Harriet Miers withdrawing from the Supreme Court nomination process. The MSNBC story talks about her catching fire from both sides and even though I didn’t like her, it kinda shows how divided we really are. Her nomination, I feel, made it where no moderate will considered in this administration.

The conservatives want someone who will use the fist of god and the liberals want someone who will use the tickle feather of __ . Instead, being someone who would be hearing cases involving everyone, we want a moderate…probably a Swiss national, who can be independent and not bow to political beliefs or religious orientation.

Will this happen? Come on! We can all sit back with a Pollyanna-type of vision of this perfect country of ours and we’ll still know that this *is* politics and the hope for an independent view will never happen.