RTFM? FU! Ranting on Blog Software and Geeks

November 3, 2005

I’m on vacation next week, not going anywhere specific but lots of little projects to work on. This site, for instance, has some much needed work that should take me a good day to accomplish. Moving some of the links and cleaning up the tipped cow to where I’m satisfied.

Yes, the site is “powered by Movable Type” , much to the chagrin of some of you here. The choice and reason behind this, is that I know it better than WordPress and honestly, I can work much faster with Movable Type than I can WordPress….it just seems friendlier to me. It’s also the reason I’m building my portfolio site in Movable Type too.

Honestly, the support is better with MT than with WordPress. Have you seen the WP wiki{.liwp}? Talk about a clusterfuck…. With MT, I can ask a question and get a somewhat good answer or a path to follow. With WP, I always got more smart-ass answers that are soooo fucking typical of the geekary associated with the alpha-geeks on most messageboards. RTFM? FU!, I Did. And I read the Wiki, your blog posts and that t-shirt with the DeCSS code silkscreened upon it .

I’m not a dumb guy, been in IT for over 10 years. I’ve been through Y2K, been through the move from tables to CSS, and currently I manage roughly 12tb of live data along with another 9tb of cold data with automation systems and stuff that I honestly wish I could talk more about. Not saying that when I post to a messageboard I expect people to know this. I do, however, expect people to treat me as a curious person who’s wanting to know more, not have someone berate me because I didn’t specify that I was using 1.2.1 instead of It’s one of the reasons I stopped supporting and visiting the Evolt group.

The Textdrive/Textpattern folks have it right. They have a heck of a messageboard and a great source of knowledge than most segments of the web. I steer some of my “newbie” webgeek friends there mainly because they’ll get more from reading that type of site, instead of being mocked on other boards.

So. Here’s my question…. what are some of the messageboards some of you dig?