Why Can't Michael Rapaport Retire?

November 15, 2005

WWdN: In Exile: there’s money in the bananna stand

“Can someone explain to me why Fox cancelled Arrested Development, but gave The War at Home the timeslot between The Simpsons and Family Guy?

Why does Fox hate the funny so much?”

My thoughts exactly.

I don’t think I can fully explain how much I hate…..no…hold on a minute, loath “The War at Home”….which is a horrible rip-off of “Grounded for Life” but I digress. Has anyone seen this show?

Seriously, Michael Rapaport had better have some compromising photos of a Fox Exec. with a goat for that kind of placement. Don’t even get me started about Michael Rapaport, he’s one of those actors who if I see their name as a featured actor, I immediately know that a) it’s gonna suck b) time to change the channel. (others with this honor are Paul Reiser and Kristy Swanson)….two digressions, sorry about that.

“TWAH” isn’t even in the same caliber as “Malcolm In the Middle” and some of the older shows in Fox’s Sunday night line-up. You mean, we had to fight for Family Guy to return and *this* is what we get?