Notes on cre824:

November 18, 2005

lots of dark clothes

lots of gotees

lots of powerbooks.

geek rock, baby.

we’re all digging the music, great selection.

waiting on the diggnation dudes to get online.

i’ve ran into my old acquaintances Josiah from Chattablogs/Coptix and Mike Harrison (meuon). Bunch of people in the community here. The place is really sparce for the competition, not a lot of traffic. This place is just so fucking huge.

it’s also nice to IM people. i don’t get this chance often.

this is the first time it’s happened, but I actually feel a little old here.

damn, I love etherpeg.

everyone’s grabbing a beer. seriously. and they ran out, very quickly.

the diggnation dude’s notes are on the screen.

ok, more beer.

diggnation #21 is being recorded.

ok, had lunch. now I’m at shannon bain’s talk. he asked if anyone knew who jakob neilson was…no one knew. that was a shocker. maybe old-school guys know, but most didn’t.

Ok, MC Lars is some of the music they’re playing and it’s pretty cool. “Singing Emo”….

Ok, I’m sitting here listening to someone from Adobe talk about CSS and GoLive. This isn’t really something that should be here for web professionals. We know about this, give us something we don’t know. They’re showing GoLive, not Dreamweaver, so most people won’t care or just deal with GoLive because they got it for free.

i’m thinking of leaving. if it wasn’t that shaun inman was coming up last, I’d jet. not that the talk is boring, but the adobe person is talking about using image (read:javascript) rollovers instead of using css. THIS.IS.AN.OLD.METHOD.