brief notes about kevin rose's talk about digg

November 19, 2005

17 servers

expanding with api

lots of money, thanks to marc andreesen and others

behind the scenes karma system

sticking with ad based system, developing their own system.

silverorange (daniel burka) design.

DoS attacks happen.

ok, end notes:

this is “done right”. think of metafilter being being written by matt, one server. here is digg, pulling in *lots* of users and are already using 17 servers….LAMP, cache and rollover apache. why didn’t this happen for MeFI?

Before the talk, my business partner and I talked with Kevin Rose a little bit today. Very cool guy. Laid back. Matter of fact, now…..after the talk, my partner has snuck off with Kevin and I’m wondering, “WTF?”. …ok he just asked about some of the clustering things.