tequila turkey

November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving sucked in some ways and weren’t too bad in others. I’m a few Guinness’ and Mike’s Hard Lime or Berry into making it better. We’re cooking up some cheap-ass frozen pizza now and we basically has to make a decision: stay to get the leftovers or get the fuck out before we’ve eaten a bite. So we left. Took my mom and headed to the Golden Corral buffet to get her and myself away from my off family. I’m now vowing to never set another foot into that house again.

It was my first Thanksgiving ever, where I wasn’t at the house where I grew up. So it was both liberating and scary. Next year, will probably be something I’m calling a “Bohemian Thanksgiving”….where friends and only invited family (my mom) will be included. I foresee a nice mix of artists, bloggers, musicians, people without family nearby, as well as people we love as family, but aren’t.

Going back to the alcohol discussion above, I absolute hate living where I can’t find an open liquor store or bar on Thanksgiving. It’s not a religious holiday, so why isn’t something open. I just wanted one shot of tequila. One. Maybe a Guinness, but that’s it. Is this a southern thing or a small/medium town thing?

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