Dick Ro-yal

November 28, 2005

{Soul Shine Magazine : Chad Kroger suing former Nickleback drummer }

Vikedal participated in several hit albums for the band including The State, Silver Side Up and The Long Road. But now Kroger wants himself and his publishing company to own the sole rights to those three Nickelback albums. Not only does he want the former drummer to stop receiving royalties but he wants him to repay any royalties already received.

(to which the author thinks, “Wow, Chad Kroger is a dick”.) If Ryan played on the albums, then he is entitled to a mechanical royalty. If Ryan wrote the melody and lyrics, or had a hand in, then he is also entitled to a royalty from that. Asking a musician to give back a mechanical royalty is akin to getting an annulment to a 15-year marriage.