A vs. M

December 2, 2005

{Adobe’s Acquisition of Macromedia } – “Adobe and Macromedia today announced they have either received or been notified they will receive all regulatory clearances necessary to complete Adobe’s pending acquisition of Macromedia. The companies expect to close the transaction on December 3, 2005.”

Ok. Here’s what I think will happen. Freehand and Fireworks will be killed off. I think everyone knows this…and a majority hopes it’s true (out of all my designers, I think 1…only 1 will be upset).

The Dreamweaver vs. GoLive thinking is still up in the air. GoLive has some good points…I don’t quite like it as well as Dreamweaver. Granted I think they need to promote Dreamweaver instead, I have a feeling that won’t happen.

So…what will happen?

I don’t believe Adobe will kill either GoLive or Dreamweaver. They purchased Macromedia for Flash and will probably sell Dreamweaver to someone like Microsoft…or even (now this is a long-shot) Apple. Apple would be able to target creatives where as Microsoft would probably put Dreamweaver as a middleman between FrontPage and VisualStudio.

I don’t have an insider information, just a gut feeling…..