Killer Blogs, Dude

December 4, 2005

{When murder hits the blogosphere } – “Her page was brightly colored with pink-lined black boxes listing her friends and hobbies, a rainbow striped white background and a picture of her in a pink top, smiling with lips closed to hide her braces. She listed her interests as soccer, talking on the phone, the beach and partying. “Books are gay,” she wrote. She lied about her age, listing it as 17.

A few hours later she allegedly stood by as her boyfriend, David Ludwig, 18, shot and killed her parents.”

An ‘eh” article on MSNBC about the blogs of the infamous and pseudo famous. It’s interesting reading blogs of these people, but I highly doubt that it will ever shed light upon their crimes. The article goes on about a few other cases, but it’s just filler.