Statement from Morrissey re: Mike Joyce

December 5, 2005

{[Statement from Morrissey True To You]( “Statement from Morrissey True To You”) } – “The latest statements from M Joyce on a BBC 6 radio interview as faithfully reported on the MorrisseySoLow site have been brought to my attention and I feel I should make this reply as an attempt to put the matter straight.”

The outspoken Mr. Morrissey goes on about how Mike Joyce is a money-grubbing jerk.

  1. By grabbing the full total of Smiths royalties from Warner Music (and this means that when the public buy a Smiths CD in the UK, the royalties go to Joyce, and have done so since 2001) Joyce has knowingly deprived Andy Rourke of his 10% Smiths royalties, and has deprived producers John Porter, Stephen Street, Grant Showbiz and Steve Lillywhite (for “Ask”) of their entitlements. Joyce did not declare to the courts that others – namely, the above – were also beneficiaries to the Warner Music royalties.”

Well, thanks to that Mike, a full Smiths reunion is doubtful. But I’ll go ahead and say that if Morrissey-Marr ever want to reunite, I’ll be glad to sit behind the kit..