.ben .idiot .ass

December 8, 2005

{Workbench: Mena Trott Declares Civil War } – “I think she owes the guy an apology and it will hurt her business. It was a blatant abuse of power. She could have simply taken a laptop and joined the IRC and written “hey, BenDot, WTF?” and used the channel her critic was using. He wasn’t heckling the speaker from the audience and disrupting anyone’s right to hear the speech without commentary and I’m sure her had opposing views posted to the IRC chat… If not, then mena was insulting a larger editorial group and just targeting a leader.”

You know, I’ve seen the video and have a general idea of the situation. And believe that Ben was just wanting to be *the* asshole at the event. As far as this quoted comment, Mena doesn’t owe Ben shit and shouldn’t have to apologize. Matter of fact, fuck him with a trackback, because this won’t hurt MovableType/6A at all. Matter of fact, I’d much rather pony-up money to them because of this.