UPS Sucks!

December 14, 2005

I normally buy myself a birthday present each year. Sometimes it’s something small, like this year, or something large, like the car I purchased (red mustang) on my 21st birthday. This year, I purchased a metal drum that I wanted to add to my metal bass drum. This is something I had been wanting for a while and the price was very good.

So last week, the eBay seller sent the thing UPS . Normally I don’t have problems with them, but lately their customer service has been horrible. So I went and checked the tracking number. No change since the 8th…not good. I waited all day, then finally called around 8:30. “Sir, our drivers will be out late delivering”. “At 8:30? They’re union, that’s not gonna happen”, I said. So I had enough of that and called later, around 11:30pm.

Knowing how badly they’ve been handling things lately, I know that it’s lost. There is a reason they’re also called United Package Smashers!

For future reference, UPS 1-800-PICK-UPS (742-5877).