Open Letter To G.W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States.

December 18, 2005

Dear President Bush,

Please resign. No, seriously. Please resign because you’ve had us invade a country on false intelligence. You’ve signed-off on surveillance against US citizens, in utter disregard of the constitution and it’s Bill of Rights, particularly Amendment IV .

Mr. Bush, this has nothing to do with war, nor with any terrorism, patriotism, or partisanism. What you’ve admitted to , is nothing no President should do toward any of their fellow citizens. And because of this, I feel it is my right as a citizen of these great states, to call for your resignation. Also note that if you do not resign, I will call upon my state’s representative to ask for your impeachment.

Please resign,

Mike Kelley

P.S. I openly admit that I voted for you in 2000 and have self-identified myself as a Republican and/or an Independent since my youth. I will never support a Republican candidate for President or any office, who has any ties to your administration.


Alice expanded on this, before I wrote this post