Blogging Exports

December 20, 2005

{Dave’s WordPress Blog – More than a common export format } – “The export must be automatic. It must be done by the software, and kept up to date. The user must not be required to do anything to always have a good backup.”

It’s like what Shelley said over a year ago:

“Weblogging tool lock-in serves no one, not even the tool makers. If a person feels they can’t easily move their weblog to a different tool, but they’re also not happy with the one they’re using, they’re going to be vocal in their criticism of the tool; this is the only outlet they have for their frustration. A better approach would be to give them an easy out, so they don’t feel ‘trapped’”

I moved my Drumblog blog from Movable Type to WordPress and now back to Movable Type. I know that my first migration was painless. I could export it out and WordPress would import it without issues. Exporting out of WordPress was the pain. I *know* I lost some data somewhere in the export…i just know it. When exporting out of a tool, you shouldn’t lose data. It’s my data, not anyone’s associated with WordPress. If you went to the boards asking for export help, you dealt with childish shit. So, that’s the maturity of the script.

Movable Type’s export is now the standard…kinda like Microsoft’s standards. If you’re building a weblogging tool, you really…no you must support Movable Type’s export format as well as any open standard to insure of smooth transitions between tools.