Famn Damily

December 24, 2005

{CrunchNotes – Merry Christmas to you too, Dave } – “But I’ll tell you this: THANK GOD its not like a Jimmy Stewart movie around here. I’d have to buy a shotgun and end it all. I like things just the way they are around this house, and after three or four days here I’ll be sad to leave.”

I’m kinda dealing with something like this, although, I’m avoiding Christmas with my family this year. An aftermath of the Thanksgiving affair , I just don’t want to reduce my Christmas to a bunch of odd looks and hanging out with people I really don’t want to spend time with. I’ll be at the wife’s family Christmas in the morning and we’ll have my Mom over into the day. Granted, this isn’t how I want to spend Christmas either, but that’s how it is this year.

Although I differ quite differently to Mike Arrington, my family doesn’t really know me. They think they know what I like, think they know what I deal with. But they don’t. They don’t know the long hours I put in, the daily crap I deal with, they just don’t know me period. Nor do I think I want them to know me. Very few people get that privilege, it’s a select group :), so why should I ruin the party?