Dear Jeffy….

December 26, 2005

{An Open Letter to Senator Jeff Miller } – “In the threatening letter you sent to our advertisers, you accuse us of trying to “destroy” you. The truth is that we’re not interested in destroying anyone. We just report the facts that the public needs to know about elected officials. By your behavior, by your chosen lifestyle, you’re destroying yourself. And, like most children, you’re blaming the adults who’ve caught you.

You might claim that, in reporting about your personal life, we’ve gone too far. You might claim that, yes, it’s public business that you’re a corrupt politician who could be facing charges from the US Attorney, that, yes, it’s public business that you’d rather spend time with your lover than show up in court for your job as Bradley County Delinquent Tax Attorney or in the Senate for your job representing the people who elected you. You might say that, yes, these things are all matters of public interest, but that your personal life is nobody’s business but your own.

And, with most politicians, that would be true. We don’t normally report anything about the personal lives of our elected officials (and we know plenty about them). We don’t judge people’s lifestyle choices. And we don’t put them in the paper for other people to judge.

But you, Jeffy, put your chosen lifestyle out there for the public to judge. Your platform is that of a guy who believes in the sanctity of marriage, and that marriage should be between one man and one woman. And your behavior doesn’t support your platform. So, we report it.”

I always like when Newspapers fight back vs. bullshit politicians.

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