December 28, 2005

Because of this:

I’m taking more charge of my health. That means eating better and getting more exercise than just walking around the plant and the department. Granted, I am on my feet a lot and I’m a lot lighter (about 165-170) than when I did the IT thing years ago.

Finances. Keep better records of what I buy, spend, sell, etc.

Do something creative, daily. I need to make sure that no matter how analytic or cerebral my work becomes, that I need to take some time out of my day for something creative. I don’t care if it’s web design, or photography, or writing, or music.

Read more books, offline. The web is great for readers, but you know what? Reading a book is different. You can sit down, relax, and get into a story. The web isn’t like that. So I’m gonna see how much I can read this year.

Get A Business Off The Ground. I would like to get Drumblog! back in order as well as a project/business that EvD and I have been talking about.

Some “Maybe” Resolutions

  • Look at OS X Certification…more
  • Learn to program something like PHP, more.