Being A Comedian Isn't Funny

December 29, 2005

{ – Report: Mitch Hedberg died of drug overdose } – “Comedian Mitch Hedberg died accidentally in March of “multiple drug toxicity,” including cocaine and heroin, Spin magazine reports, citing reports filed by the New Jersey medical examiner’s office.”

I’ve been an avid admirer of comedians since I can remember. I’ve met a few and met a few famous ones as well. One thing that has always stuck out with me, is that most comedians lead a rather dark life. Being on the road, alone, left to your own vices. Funny people, are funny, but yet they depend on the laughs of people…it’s a co-dependant life. They make light of situations, in order to avoid the pain that so many go though.

To lose someone like Mitch, was sad and yet not a shocker. We lose so many talented people each year to drug and alcohol abuse. So many people self-medicating to where they get to a point where death is their only escape. It’s not something we can “cure” nor is it something we can change. It’s just an inevitability…..