South Park

January 4, 2006

{[Slashdot South Park Turns to Xserve for Storage Upgrade]( “Slashdot South Park Turns to Xserve for Storage Upgrade”) } – “Computerworld reports that South Park producers are turning away from digital linear tape and direct-attached disk storage to a linear tape open setup complimented by Xserve RAID disk arrays. The show’s creators never thought South Park would last nine seasons, so a storage hardware upgrade was necessary. J.J. Franzen, technology supervisor at South Park Studios in Los Angeles, says he chose Apple hardware based on a “gut” feeling. From the article: ‘While South Park may appear technologically amateurish with its character cutouts, over the past nine seasons the cartoon series has added a great deal of storage-consuming detail, including backgrounds and crowd shots that can take up to 100MB of memory each”

I don’t know why, but I always get a little sick feeling when I realize I manage more content than a lot of these guys..

“The last backup we did on the DLT7000s took about two weeks straight — yes, two weeks. They were not the fastest things to begin with, and while they were fine for what we needed when we got them, we never anticipated making it to nine seasons or more, so we never thought we’d be backing up more than a few hundred gigs. Now that we’re at a little over 2TB, we needed something faster,” Franzen said.”

I manage around 12tb of xraids and I could really use a few more for future growth and more flexability. Right now, it’s taking me about 4-5 days for a full backup, using Fibre-channel sait tape libraries. I couldn’t imagine running one of these for two weeks, I’d have a heart-attack. I should hope that these guys don’t run Retrospect…..