Pollack, Ze, & JD

January 10, 2006

{ze’s blog: on Joshua Davis } – “Scott Kirsner from http://cinematech.blogspot.com recently asked me to comment on Joshua Davis and his recent work for an article intended for Wired. Scott was interested in how I felt about Davis’ potential place in the world of fine arts. The conversation was relatively short and a bit awkward at times, especially when I felt that I was being pushed to provide some sort of dismissive comment about the broader “cultural value” of his work.

Specifically, at one point during the interview I was asked whether Joshua’s tendency to bring up Jackson Pollack when talking about his own work made me uncomfortable. Chris wanted to know whether I felt that this comparison potentially placed too high of a cultural value on Davis’ work. To answer this I think its important to note what Davis actually says in relation to Pollack:”

I honestly wasn’t looking forward to Joshua Davis’ talk at cre824, mainly since I’m not a huge fan of Flash. But his mix of art….fine art and Flash really inspired me as a designer and as a thinker. I didn’t really see a lot of Pollack in his work and like Z points out, ” I assume that Joshua refers to Pollack because it’s someone we all know, and because we ‘ve seen Ed Harris discover a unique gesture based language of painting we can begin to get a feel for how Josh approaches his pieces.”.

I’m not gonna say any more, but damn just read this post of Ze’s.