John Mellencamp

January 11, 2006

{[The Agonist John Mellencamp]( “The Agonist John Mellencamp”) } – “I’ve heard someone say that describing Americana music is difficult, but that they recognize it when they hear it. When I listen to John Mellencamp sing, I hear Americana music, some of the best ever produced. I also hear rock and roll, country, blues, and folk. He fits no one classification. But there is something absolutely American about this man and the music he writes.”

John has put out music for well over two or three decades now. He’s one of these people who gets discounted by a lot of the music listeners out there. But he’s been a constant source of original music with a unique sound…the only people coming close have been some of the alt-country groups. His experimentation with dance music, folk music and along with his social commentary has made him someone most musicians wish they could be.