domain names, cheap

January 12, 2006

File this under “things that irritate me”

I haven’t said this in public, but I’ve been working on a side business (again)….actually two side businesses. One being something bloggish and the other has been with my best friend and fellow blogger EvD of (the wonderful, tremendous, superb) Oblogation .

In this business that she’s masterminding, it’s basically 5 products. Very clever, very unique, but very affordable products. Something that, if you read either of our sites, you will immediate get. (ok, I’ll stop gushing). Aside from these products, we’re having a hell of a time coming up with a name. Or more directly, we have names we like but we have idiots asking HUGE amounts for the domain… that are sitting empty now….or, like two of them. Have a great name, but horrible design and horrible products….we’re talking cheesy.

So. What are we to do. We would like a nice name, something .com. Are we almost to the point of actually having to use a .biz address?