Evolution and Creationism as Religion

January 13, 2006

{The Religion of Science } – “We’ve all heard the argument, evolution is a ‘science’ and therefore it is somehow more valuable or respectable than religion. This same argument won the right of evolution studies in our public school classrooms, and helped build the wall around so called non -scientific ‘creationism’ and to this day keeps it from being taught in our public schools. It seems that labeling something as a science is a one way ticket to popularity and acceptance. Deeming something to be of a religious nature practically guarantees objection, often ridicule. Could these labels be less than honest? Could we have been sold a bill of goods when they say that evolution is a science? Could it actually be a religion? Evolution and Creationism couldn’t BOTH be religions, could they ? ”


Instead of saying that “Intelligent Design” is a science, they’re saying that Evolution and Creationism are religions.

These people are confusing theory with faith….

Those who believe in evolution have faith in the scientist’s abilities to speculate and imagine what might have been. This is not science. This is faith.