Building an Umpteenth Dream

January 17, 2006

{Build the Dream } – “The Martin Luther King Jr., Memorial is conceived of as an engaging landscape experience tied to other landscapes and monuments, not as a single object or memorial dominating the site. The composition of the memorial utilizes landscape elements to powerfully convey three fundamental and recurring themes of Dr.King’s life: justice,democracy and hope. The circular geometry of the memorial, juxtaposed within the triangular configuration of the site, engages the Tidal Basin and frames views to the water”

One thing, I thought there was already a National King Center in Atlanta? So we need two?

I tend to have a negative look toward the people managing King’s memory. His kids are thinking about selling the center and they’re using copyrights to supress “I Have Dream” . It seems that half of the kids are more about money than respecting his image.

So back to the idea of having a memorial in Washington….

Here we already have a national center in King’s memory, managed by his family, and currently in discussions with the National Park Service, to transfer it’s ownership and management to them instead. We have streets named in his honor in every major city in the United States and we’re talking about having an additional memorial in the capital. Not to take away from this great man, but wouldn’t the money needed for the memorial be better utilized by using it for seeing that his dream would be fully realized? By funding political and socio-economic changes, or the advancement of those in need? And I’m serious when I say this. But couldn’t the UNCF use more funding and more help in the wake of Lou Rawls’ passing?

I would highly suggest, beg, plead, etc. that socially we need to look more toward equality than creating another shiny object. Think of how many kids could be sent to college with that money. Think of how many single parents could use a small monthly allotment. This “leg up” would push more toward that level of equality in both education and society. The idea of building a monument just smacks Dr. King’s dream in the face.