Blogging Delivered? By AT&T? LOL!

January 18, 2006

{::HorsePigCow:: life uncommon: WTF?! …or AT&T can kiss my rss } – “#1 – I blogged about AT&T lame-o campaign a little while back and one of their lackey advertising dorks left a nasty comment on my blog. Something about how a Web 2.0 blogger shouldn’t be commenting on his brilliant advertising campaign. Ha! First of all, if they knew their asses from the blogosphere, they would know that my background is in advertising and marketing and that their campaign sux rss.

#2 – Speaking of knowing their asses from the blogosphere, does AT&T have a blog? Actually, I take that back. They do. (that’s with a rev=”vote-against”) Link out ever? Reading blogs regularly would be a good thing. Obviously, they now have trolls doing their vanity searches….not the same thing.”

And as she points out, maybe they don’t know blogging .

AT&T, please let your ad people know that they need to do some research before rolling out that type of campaign. You can’t just put shit like that out there, about blogs, without a blogger checking. For goodness sake, bloggers brought down Trent Lott and they even went a little easy on him. Why would AT&T not catch shit over a bad billboard?