The New Sweat Shop

January 23, 2006

{Appalachian Greens: Maryland, We’re All Behind You } – “Last week the state of Maryland passed a law that would require any company employing more than 10,000 people in the state to automatically enroll that employee’s whole family in a health plan.”

Currently in Georgia, we do not have anything even close to this. We have carpet companies here in town who say that if your spouse has the ability to provide insurance, they will not pay for employee’s insurance. So not only are you penalized for being married, you are being penalized for your spouse having a decent enough job to where they can receive insurance. I’d love to name the company, but I’m friends with the daughter of the VP who came up with this.

I don’t believe something like this is “anti-business” but “pro-citizen”. What a lot of cities deal with, is raising the quality of life for their residents. That not only includes healthcare, but schools. States can’t get new industries in, if the schools are shit and no one is healthy…that’s a problem in Chattanooga now. You can’t get good levels of jobs if the educational system can’t provide educated workers. But I digress…

Businesses should be in the market to make their employees happy, because a happy employee is a healthy employee and a good employee. You start pissing people off by not giving them a raise and reducing their healthcare, pretty soon you’ll lose your knowledgeable employees and there-by reducing the quality of products. Success isn’t all about money but too many of these companies try to treat their employees like fucking mules.

It should not be a privilege to receive insurance.