January 24, 2006

{The Cults of Macintosh and BlackBerry Collide – New York Times } – “Last week at Macworld, it was announced that beginning in February, the cult of Macintosh will finally be able to join the cult of BlackBerry at no charge. Instead of having to pay $30 for a copy of PocketMac for BlackBerry (which is required if you want to sync your calendar, address book and e-mail with a BlackBerry), PocketMac will be a free download from”

Fuck Yeah!

Not like I’m a huge fan of the Blackberry or anything, but this is cool. I use one daily and think it’s not bad in the workplace. I’m connected to a Blackberry server instead, so I can have Exchange email on my Blackberry instead of going through RIM’s server. But the idea of syncing it up to my Mac has been something I’ve wanted from the start.

While I’m not happy about being tethered to phones/email/web all day, I can say it’s convenient. I even have ssh and vnc on my Blackberry to check into work. It’s also nice to have web access and a full keyboard with you. I can check gMail, I can purchase movie tickets or check maps, I can chat/im/sms. On that last item, SMS, that isn’t too bad. I’m usually one who hates phone calls so this is how my wife communicates to me throughout the day.