Politicians Don't Need to be Art Critics

January 28, 2006

{Commissioner blasts Keith Haring’s art } – “The work of the late artist and Berks County native Keith Haring is obscene and should not be displayed on a public building, county Commissioner Mark C. Scott said Tuesday.

Scott’s argument to keep Haring’s Statue of Liberty mural from hanging on the county services center was won when Commissioner Thomas W. Gajewski Sr. said he feared it would open the door to other groups making similar requests.

The mural was to be displayed to attract attention to an upcoming exhibit of Haring’s art in the Reading Public Museum.

Scott said he concluded Haring’s work is obscene after viewing it on a Web site and seeing graphic depictions of sadomasochistic and homosexual activities. “

So let me get this straight, the mural ISN’T obscene but because Haring created SOME that YOU might consider obscene, this non-obscene art needs to be pulled?

Sure why not? Why don’t we pull this art and just put up some old, bland Norman Rockwell mural of what he saw in his little corner of the country. Because we all know that Rockwell IS America. No Homosexuallity, No Minorities, No Controversy at all. This is why, politicians don’t need to assume that they’re experts on art, just by looking at a website. It would be like me becoming an expert on politics by reading the Drudge Report.