Midnight Decadence Garlic Bread (aka Vampires Bane)

January 29, 2006

Last night, my good friend EvD requested that I make my infamous garlic bread. So we headed to the local fresh market and got one of the most beautiful heads of garlic, I’ve ever laid my eyes upon. Serious, this thing was white and without blemishes. We grabbed some bread, yummie italian loafs, and headed back home.

The whole thing about making this bread, is that you have to realize that it’s decadent and you have to drink wine (or wine coolers or good beer and not that American shit either), you have to use a stick and a half of butter, and you have to use really good ev olive oil…and I’m not talking that cheap $3 shit that tastes like leaves. Seriously, spend over $6. The stuff we’re using costs about twice that, but it’s beyond belief. (maybe EvD will leave a comment as to what brand of oil we used). Oh and add nice sea salt too.

Take as many cloves of garlic you want, peal them, smash them and then start dicing them up. Make sure you use your sea salt at this time, put it over the diced up cloves, then with the flat part of your knife, roll over the piles of garlic. It will help get more of the garlic’s oil out and is good for making it a little more plump when you cook it. Dice it, until everything it’s very very small.

In a hot pan, heat up some ev olive oil. If it’s gives up even a whisp of smoke, it’s too hot and your oil will burn. Turn down the eye on the oven, cool your pan down and wait a few minutes. Once you have some nice hot oil, dump all of that garlic into a hot pan. Make sure and move it constantly until you can get a light brown crust on the top and you can still see the whites of the inside of the garlic.

In bowl, take your 1.5 sticks of butter and put in about a tablespoon of red pepper flakes and about 4 turns of a pepper grinder. Take your hot pan and dump everything, garlic AND oil, into the bowl. Blend the oil and butter mixture well and put in the freezer for 5 minutes to the compound will solidify again.

Take it out and spread on the bread. Get your broiler warm and put the bread in until it’s toasty on top**

** you can also pop it into a 350 degree oven until you get the same effect but a little dryer core, I like this way a little better **

Yes, you will smell like garlic the next day. Seriously, I do right now. But it will be some of the best garlic bread you’ve ever put into your mouth.

Sidenotes….you can add mozzarella on top or parmesan to the hot oil/butter mix. Will still be good. You could also put tomato bruschetta on the finished bread and eat with a nice salad or good meal.