Tolerance at it's Best

January 29, 2006

{Boing Boing: Wife of MN Satanic gubernatorial candidate fired for being witch } – “Regular Boing Boing readers may recall a recent post here about Jonathan “The Impaler” Sharkey, the self-described vampire who ran for governor in Minnesota. Sharkey’s wife, Julie Carpenter, worked as a bus driver for a school district in that state for four years with a flawless record — but was fired last week when the school district superintendent learned she was a pagan.”

Getting fired for being Pagan is akin to being fired for being Jewish, Hindu, Christian or Muslim. It should not be tolerated for people to be fired for religious/spiritual beliefs. This is 2006, the 6th year in the 21st century. We should be beyond this, but we aren’t. Granted there are enough idiots in every religion, like her husband appears to be. But his public beliefs shouldn’t effect her job.

I’m no more an expert on paganism than I am on christianity, but let me also say, that satanism, vampirism, and paganism are not the same thing.