Long Story, Short.

February 1, 2006

My wife had been working at this hair salon for the past few years, basically outlasting the original owner and staff and managed wind up running the place since the current owner became slack on coming in. She endured bounced checks to the point of having to be paid in cash.

She dealt with his ass through a lot of legal and financial issues until finally, deciding she could no longer take it…always worried if the shop was gonna be chained up, each day she went to work. So this weekend she found another salon who offered her a nice deal plus insurance. She gave the (now) old boss a notice and she was willing to work it.

Unfortunately, he’s an idiot. He could have made his 40% off of her and her full client load, but he fired her. Good for her, she has her client list and can start immediately at the new place. Bad for him, I still manage his website. Not like he has a full domain, it was pointing to a site whom he’d owed money, so there was nothing on there. Maybe I can make some money off it….

Long story, short…

Never mistreat the wife of the man who has hosted your website, free of charge, for years.