Mountain of Performances

February 6, 2006

I went out with Evie this weekend, in celebration of her birthday. In addition to our Poor Man’s Black Velvets and fried pickles at Durty Nelly’s, we wound up getting tickets to see Brokeback Mountain .

I’m not a huge fan of either Heath Ledger or Jake Gyllenhaal, but I’m now one of those people who believe Ledger deserves an Oscar for his performance. I thought even the supporting actors, including Anne Hathaway & Michelle Williams’ performances, deserved notice. I thought the movie had a good storyline, good pace, and used music to kinda set the timeline.

I think a lot of the movie was lost on the crowd, one aa lady, who stated “i coulda waited till that came out on video”…really pissed me off. Granted this wasn’t really meant as a movie that was gonna be seen in a lot of southern theathers, so a lot of the typical viewing audience didn’t know how to handle the subject matter, and I base this on some of the overheard comments.

But overall I really enjoyed this movie. I wasn’t quite sure going on, that I was ready to see men kissing…I’ve seen it in public, seen it at my dinner table, but never on the screen. Never have seen a sex scene ons screen between two men either. So it really broke a lot of “taboos”, I guess you could say. But how they portrayed everything was very respectful to the characters and to the story. You could drop men or women or a combination of both into this movie and it would still be as touching and real.