Because we all know….

February 8, 2006

{Bokardo � Blog Archive � In the Blogging World You Don%u2019t Have Sex on the First Date } – “Scott Karp is having trouble getting linked. The other day the proprietor of Publishing 2.0 and managing director of research and strategy for Atlantic Media admitted that despite emailing influential bloggers (Dave Winer, Jeff Jarvis, and Steve Rubel), he%u2019s been unable to get them to link to his site.”

I would suggest, I don’t know, writing and linking to people you like reading instead of trying to be a shill and demand links from the A+ list. Comment on blogs, send emails, but don’t ever expect anyone to link or comment about you. Hell, I’ve had links on BoingBoing and Evhead but I never expected anyone to link to me.