My little thoughts about the Grammies

February 8, 2006

is….If you’re name is U2 or Springsteen, you can put out the shittiest and most boring record of the year and STILL win a fucking award. I own the U2 album and I’ll be the first to say that the Coldplay album is much better. Hell, the Killers had a killer album…

I’m glad that the White Stripes won for Best Alternative Music Album, but Guero by Beck was one of the best albums of his in years (and yes, I’m still boycotting it).

Then for Producer of the Year, fuckin’ Steve Lillywhite won. Talented dude, but the Jason Mraz & U2 album weren’t that great while The Neptunes had a hell of a year and of course I’m a fan of Nigel Godrich for his work on some of Radiohead’s projects…and he was up for the cute Beatles’ album this year.

Sly Stone’s performance was…um, interesting. Bad sound tonight, mics not working and just sounding like shite. Sly seemed a little…stoned. I’ve also come to the decision that anyone, not Kelly Clarkson, who came from American Idol, should just have 1 year to be seen in public, then be forced to not “sing” for the next 5 years. Fantasia….what the fuck was that about?

If I hear “Yesterday” by the Beatles sung badly again, I swear……Linkin Park…..shit, ick. Good band, but WTF?