Choice isn't in their Vocabulary

February 9, 2006

{2/8/2006 – Why Can’t My Mother Be Allowed To Die? – And Response – Opinion – } – “What, tell me, is the point of this cruelty? Why can’t my mother die

with dignity and class? Why do we prolong peoples’ lives so they can be out of their minds and miserable when they are ready to die? I know my mother. She doesn’t want nor deserve this complete lack of compassion. How do I allow this great woman to suffer and wither away when she should have eternal peace? How will I deal with allowing this to happen to my mother the rest of my life. I will forever say, “I should have never allowed this to happen to her.”

I have thought of nothing but this for weeks now. I want to know what the argument is on the other side. Is this another right-winged fundamental christian forced upon issue that prevents my mother from leaving this earth with dignity and pride like she had before getting cancer? Is it because Jesus may miraculously heal her? Should I call Ernest Angeley or Benny Hinn? Or, and, I really hope this isn’t the case, is it about money? Are they keeping my mother alive at however many thousands of dollars a day for the love of the dollar?”

Because the people who are in power are scared of people making their own choices. From seat belts to abortion to euthanasia, people are fighting against the free will each of us have inside. Aside from seat belts, the other two decisions aren’t willy-nilly, easy decisions. Do you honestly think that someone with a terminal illness shouldn’t have the ability to select their time to go? And it’s not like the big myth that some women use abortion as birth control….no one ever says that.

We have freedoms from and of religion, we have freedoms to carry guns, we have freedoms on a lot of “things” except when it involves what WE as individuals need.