Cooler Heads

February 9, 2006

I’d like to point out to my riotous Muslim friends, that you didn’t see Buddhists burning down buildings, rioting, and shooting people when priceless, [2,000 year-old Buddha statues were destroyed by Afghanistan’s Taliban government in 2001.]( “ BBC News SOUTH ASIA Taleban ‘destroy’ priceless art”) Not only were these works of art, they existed way before Muhammad was ever a gleam in Allah’s eye.

Respect is a two way street my friends. You have to give it, to get it. Why should anyone give a shit about a cartoon from 5 months ago, when many Muslims didn’t give a shit about 2,000 year-old pre-Islamic Buddhist statuses.

This isn’t really about a cartoon is it?. It’s about the two worlds that we live in: the western sodom and gomorra as seen by the east and the restrictive spiritual world they live in. They view our lifestyles as being pornographic and the US as the cultural mecca for everything “satanic” in the world. Our freedom of press, is just seen as another example as to what’s wrong with everyone outside of their grasp. How could we put truth and freedom above what Allah said many worlds ago. It didn’t matter if it originated in Europe, to them, the US is still to blame….

….Ana laa Afham