Da Bomb

February 10, 2006

{Ex-U .N. inspector: Iran’s next} – “Ritter also predicted the military strategy for war with Iran. First, American forces will bomb Iran. If Iranians don’t overthrow the current government, as Bush hopes they will, Iran will probably attack Israel. Then, Ritter said, the United States will drop a nuclear bomb on Iran. “

via robotwisdom

Granted, I’ve never been a huge believe in what Scott Ritter has said about anything. But, in hind-sight, he’s been spot on. So the thought of having Bush’s finger on the button, makes me worried.

However, I think it will be different than Ritter’s scenario:

Iran nukes Israel

Israel nukes Iran

USA nukes Iran and Syria.

And that, my friends, scares the ever-living crap outta me.